Natural Wood Floor Studio a family owned and operated company serving customers for over 30 years in South Florida. We are the leaders in wood floor design and installation in the luxury wood flooring market. We have developed relationships with leading interiors designers, developers, architects, and general contractors for custom-based installations.

“Wood floors are a natural element in an artistic manifestation to imagine and create unique spaces that tell a story.”

Fer Avila


Under the leadership of
Colombian publicist and
designer Fernando Ávila, who
settled in the United States in
1991, Natural Wood Floor
Studio was born in Miami,
Florida in 1994.
Natural Wood Floors Inc. is officially incorporated as a company in the state of Florida.
Natural Wood Floor Studio is established. The company channels all its efforts into positioning itself in the interior design segment, turning this element into something essential in every project. The company transforms into a floor design studio.
Natural Wood Floor Studio receives its first two "Wood Floor of the Year" awards from the National Wood Flooring Association of the United States for Best Showroom and Best Residential Floor.
Natural Wood Floor Studio begins developing new elements, textures, colors, and sizes in flooring. The company embarks on its first commercial project by designing the floors for the Caribbean's most prominent hotel, Atlantis Residences & Hotel, for the One and Only corporation, drawing inspiration from the lost city of Atlantis.
Natural Wood Floor Studio establishes itself as one of the leaders in flooring design in the United States, and once again, it is honored at the "Wood Floor of the Year" awards, winning Best Designers' Choice in 2013, Best Commercial Application in 2014, and Best Residential Applications in 2016. The company designs several of the most significant projects in South Florida, both residential and commercial.
Natural Wood Floor Studio designs its first collection of hardwood floors, VIDA by Natural, inspired by the culture and nature of Miami. Their line is invited to participate in the exhibition for new designers at Maison & Object this year.
Natural becomes the exclusive distributor of Tarimatec, a material designed for architectural applications of all kinds, including floors, ceilings, and facades. This material is recyclable and does not contain wood, making it durable and ideal for outdoor use.
The brand explores new horizons in growing markets such as Texas and Colombia, establishing new partnerships. The doors of their new showroom in Bogotá are opened, offering a comprehensive proposal that includes interior design, architecture, and construction services.

Penthouse Continuum | South Miami Beach

Porsche Tower | Miami Beach

Miami Design Destrict

Miami Design Destrict

DIOR Store | Miami Design Destrict

NIKE Store | Miami Beach

Ocean House | Private Residence

Piso del año

Chateau Beach | Sunny Island Miami

Piso del año

Private Residence | Bal Harbor

Private Residence | Bal Harbo Island

Private Residence | Bal Harbor

Apogee Resident | Miami Beach