architectural coatings

Decorative surfaces give the walls an extraordinarily modern and dynamic geometric rhythm. Refined, linear and essential design, iCanneti represents magnificent decorative coverings of great charm, style and design, enriching the environments in which they are applied with elegance and a strong expressive character. These coverings are made on 3−layer boards.

Verciniato antik

Verciniato Natura

Verciniato nero intenso

Verciniato grigio tanino

Verciniato Cognac

Verciniato Terra

Verciniato verde acqua marina

Verciniato grigio platino

Verciniato capri

Verciniato ombra nero intenso

Verciniato ombra verde alpi

Verciniato ombra verde acqua marina

Verciniato ombra rosa pesca

Verciniato ombra blanco puro