Pavements have ceased to be a fundamental architectural element in the functionality of the space, but have also become a design component. Technological innovation allows us to develop different colors, finishes and formats in the Chromatic range. A collection designed to create unique and personalized spaces, which highlights the chromatic versatility of our flooring, to be able to select the one that best adapts to the essence of each project. With a total of eleven references with different finishes, this collection has a wide range of colors.


Tecno y Nature

The Tecno line, with a grooved and brushed finish, evokes avant-garde and modernity. The Nature line, with a smooth brushed finish, creates warm, natural and welcoming environments, demonstrating that technology and new materials are not at odds with Mediterranean and traditional environments.


Antracita 2211

Wengué 2204

Miel 2213

Moka 2241

Cemento 2216

Marrón 2212

Arena 2213

Blanco SRI 2217

Cobalt 2488

Gris 2214

Moss 2487