The increasingly accelerated and stressful pace of life invites us to create environments of relaxation and calm, in which we seek to introduce the connection with nature in our spaces.
With Ethnic, we go one step further and create a whole sensory experience with the SURCO surface finish. A finish that makes it more receptive to the skin and invites you to walk barefoot on it.


Aloha and Preto are the new colors that complete the Ethnic range.

Aloha, transports us with its warm and orange tones, to the cozy sunsets of the beach. Its elegance will be its best welcome to any space in which we use it. Preto is, without a doubt, one of the versions with the most character in the collection. Avant-garde and with a certain accent of modernity that will evoke sophisticated environments.

Antique 2397

Iroko 2395

Lino 2398

Bamb├║ 2396

├Źndigo 2490

Formentera 2489

Preto 2301

Aloha 2508